Upper deck – AFTER

Fenced and painted! Finally, an upper deck I am not afraid to use. It is very difficult to get a photo of the exterior of our floaty home from the ‘front’ view. This of course, is a shot from the side, taken from our boat. We have to ‘dock hop’ onto other peoples private property, […]


My Grass

Don’t worry about me, I have grass

It was only a few days after moving in before the ‘don’t you miss grass?’ questions started flowing in. It is the most common question we are asked. Who would have thought we were so attached to grass in North America?

The answer is NO, I do not miss grass – I have some!

I mean really, how much grass do you need?

The Cycle of Life

Abandoned Eggs

For the first time in our 3 + years of tenancy here, Mother swan has abandoned her eggs.

A few days ago we noticed a putrid smell as we descended down the ramp. Mamma swan still sat atop her (now 4) eggs, though we suspected them to be the source.

Two days later, Mamma and Pops are nowhere to be found.

Like grieving parents, perhaps they left to give themselves time to mourn. It is unusual for them not to be here. I assume they will come back.

At first I was quite sad about this new development. But further thought tells me that this is part of the important cycle of life.

Our river is not that wide or fruitful. Mamma has many babies every year. When they reach teenage status, she violently kicks them out – forcing them to find somewhere to forage on their own.

There aren’t that many options around. And they are fiercely territorial, mute swans. They will kill each other to maintain their ground – or at least beat the heck out of each other – that I have seen.

So, c’est la vie (such is life), as they say – in the most literal sense.

Such is the cycle of life.

The Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

..and in an instant all waterfowl disappears!

This handsome fellow lives across the river, and can usually be seen perched high up in his family tree. I have seen him fighting other birds that dare cross his airspace.

This day, he decided to come for a visit on the docks, much to the chagrin of the usual inhabitants. Within a split second, all other wildlife disappeared (except the brave and dominant swan that can be seen considering an attack behind him).

Quite an effect he has on his community!!


Forget Me Nots

My favourite flower, growing on drift wood.

I am not sure what it is about the teeny delicate little flowers of the forget-me-not that appeal to me so much. Maybe it is the colour, maybe it is that given a moment, they will take over like weeds, spreading their little blue cheer all over the yard.

Whatever it is, I love them and bought my first pack of seeds this year. I intend to inundate my floaty home with tiny blue flowers.

The ones pictured above were my inspiration. They decided to take up residence, naturally of their own accord, on a big chunk of driftwood floating beside the dock.